Synthetic Grass Cost & Installation in Europe

A synthetic grass installation is an innovative option, especially for the sports industry. Most people have preferred so often due to its maintenance prices and its durability for the long term. In addition to these advantages, they are offering safety for the clients as well as an aesthetic appearance on their walls. There are already synthetic grass panels in the industry but the synthetic grass roll is in many ways suitable for every field. The first thing that makes it so functional is that it does not require to have some metal material while applying on the wall. It is so simple to apply on any floor.

What Kind of Synthetic Grass Models Are There?

In terms of its production, they have many diverse modes which can be suitable for any area. On the other hand, there is no possibility to use the same kind of synthetic grass model for different sports fields such as football, tennis, basketball, volleyball, and rugby. Therefore, in terms of the kind of sports, there are some tiny modifications in synthetic grass installation on the ground or Wall and the preference of the grass. As we mentioned before in this industry there are countless options in this field but in this article, we are going to explain what kind of synthetic grass models you can use for the specific sports types.

Synthetic Grass Model for The Football Field

synthetic-grass-priceTo be honest natural grass makes us feel so comfortable and settled, they do not have any resistance to any circumstances. They are able to be affected by different tough weather and climate conditions easily. Therefore as a client, you cannot catch the same appearance in the stadiums or football training fields all the time. Natural grass has a certain routine in terms of the lifecycle, thus you cannot see the same intensity and vividity on them all the time.

On the other hand, current grass quality which s used in football fields has a crucial influence that plays so significant role in the direction of the match and training sessions. At this point, synthetic grass installation comes out! The synthetic grass which is produced by AvenGrass in Turkey would be a great choice for football fields. AvenGrass which has been exporting tones of products to many different countries such as the UK, Russia, Algeria, Albania, Italy, France, and many others, manufactures them with pile lengths in the range of 40mm to 60mm, especially in football.

Synthetic Grass Models for Golf Course

There is one worse mistake that could have been done in a golf course: using the same synthetic grass on the golf course and football field. In particular, it needs to be used different flooring system due to different principles in which these sports were rooted. Especially in golf courses, pile lengths should be between 10 mm and 15 mm. The production is carried out especially on weaving machines and its installation is ensured considering the slope of the area to be laid and many conditions including. If we compare to other synthetic grass models, this model is manufactured with a much denser weaving process.

Synthetic Grass for Tennis Court

Synthetic grass carpets are varied in the production modification in color in tennis as red or green. In a contrast to the football fields, it is not recommended to prefer using high pile lengths in synthetic grass tennis courts. Furthermore, many professional and experienced companies such as AvenGrass have been manufacturing the submission of the requests regarding the courts with short pile lengths, the custom-made grasses produced on the weaving machines.

Synthetic Grass for Landscaping and Garden Decoration

synthetic-grass-costThanks to synthetic grass cost and its long-lasting structure, this product attracts the intense attention of many people. Because you are able to use them for many years without experiencing any deformation. The pile lengths need to be much shorter in the models produced for landscaping. This length issue does not only provide a natural appearance but also ensures a stylish appearance as it is not going to slip or grow on the ground. On the other hand, decorative synthetic grass can be used in private residences, sports facilities, in hotels, in wall coverings. Depending on the slope given to the ground, not only the soil is on the ground; It is also possible to apply directly to concrete or asphalt floors. These two types of synthetic grass have many similar product features and processes.

Is Synthetic Grass Price Too Expensive in Turkey If We Compare the Costs in Europe?

If we need to inform you in general about costs in Turkey, it can show many changes in terms of your needs and the service quality of the company. But approximately 1m2 of synthetic grass price starts from 33 Turkish Liras and rises to 130 Turkish Liras. But if you are willing to get a service in the UK, you are going to have to pay at least 9 Pounds per 1m2. In other words, you need to pay at least roughly 100 Turkish Liras per 1 m2 synthetic grass in the UK. Moreover, this cost cannot give a guarantee you a professional installation of a high-quality product.

If we need to have a look at synthetic grass prices in Europe generally, we can realize that synthetic grass typically 5,5 Dollars to 18,75 Dollars per square foot. The average cost of synthetic grass installation is 12,33 Dollars per 1 m2 in Europe. In light of this information, we can say easily, the installation costs of synthetic grass abroad are much more expensive than in Turkey. In addition to this, they cannot promise a long-lasting structure despite these high prices.

Nevertheless, every company offers many different services and products in this industry, especially in Turkey. Therefore, if you are willing to get a high-quality and budget-friendly installation service, you need to do a deep search and definitely contact AvenGrass in order to get more elaborate information about their offers.