Artificial Putting Green Installation

An artificial turf putting green brings the golf course to your home. There are 2 systems to choose from: Polypropylene putting greens and nylon putting greens. Polypropylene is the cheaper material than nylon when we consider the most budget-friendly putting green installation near me. Artificial grass greens made from polypropylene always need a fill of quartz sand to keep the fibers upright. Sand-filled putting greens are ideal for long strokes into the green.

We have focused on putting green turf made of nylon, as this material has clear advantages. They look like natural greens, they play like natural greens, and they feel like natural greens. The crucial difference: they do not require any maintenance. Our putting green turf models are ideal for ambitious putt training, putt analysis, and golf simulators. The ball rolls perfectly on our greens. Extremely loyal, without hobbling, without being disturbed by material-related influences. The ball rolls exactly where the face of the putter sends it. Anyone who pushes the ball past on these putting greens has no more excuses.

The Material of Putting Green

indoor putting green

Our putting green indoor are made with tightly crimped fibers made of nylon. Nylon fibers arguably outperform all golf fibers on the market. In contrast to similarly constructed and similar-looking greens made of polyethylene, the fibers of synthetic turf putting greens made of nylon return to their original position even after intensive use. You also do not need a quartz sand filling or top dressing. The ball, therefore, does not roll on sand, but only on the indoor putting green.

Artificial turf putting greens made of nylon are suitable for all weather conditions and are not affected by climatic influences or UV radiation in our latitudes. Rainwater runs through, heat and frost do no damage. And if nothing holds you anymore, you can remove the snow with a slider in winter and practice. But the artificial putting green cost per square foot depends on the quality of companies and materials.

The Care of Putting Green

A nylon indoor putting green carpet is also the best when it comes to care and maintenance. Leaves from plants in your living spaces or dirt are easily removed with a broom, leaf blower, or leaf blower. If putting green indoor has been contaminated by birds or pets, you can use anything to clean it. And if you love your greenery, you can even vacuum clean it.

The Installation of Putting Green

The material of the indoor putting green turf comes from the roll and is approx. 4 m wide. For reasons of drainage and stability, the ground made of gravel is essential. For greens that are wider than 4 m, strips are glued together. The number of holes should be made dependent on the size of the putting green. 1 hole every 10 to 15 square meters is a good rule of thumb.

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There are almost no limits when it comes to shaping indoor putting green carpet. Contours and breaks are of course possible. Our portable putting green for the backyard can also be made so challenging in the home garden that you have to read them carefully like a championship green. Our putting greens can be created exactly in the shape and size that suits your circumstances and your ideas.

What We Offer as Avengrass Team

We offer the right green for our best indoor putting green. A pre-green gives an even more realistic look. You can also chip, just like on the practice green in your club. And if you also want to work on your bunker game, nothing could be easier than that. We complete outdoor putting green installation with the perfect sand bunker. We have been supplying and installing large indoor putting green for many years as Avengrass company all over the world. We have carefully put together our range from the highest quality types of artificial turf and export them to many different countries such as Saudi Arabia, Malta, Kosovo, Russia, the USA, the UK, Albania, Afghanistan, and many more.


The characteristics: particularly realistic in the behavior of the ball, durable, sustainable, and natural in appearance. We are happy to provide competent advice on a case-by-case basis. Because especially with putting greens, it is important to know the materials firsthand and fake putting green costs to take special features into account during installation. This experience and the quality of our materials are your advantages. If you believe that we are the right partner for you, then we will deliver and install the large indoor putting green that suits your project. And if anything else is missing for example a terrace, work with stainless steel, or garden design, you are also welcome to talk to us. We will send you our recommendations on indoor putting green UK and the associated product and information about putting green cost as soon as possible.