Artificial grass products, whose usage is becoming more and more widespread, have become indispensable elements of modern areas by taking new forms with the development of technology. We, as Avengrass, can meet all the requirements of the sector with artificial turf floors that we produce with superior technological opportunities in our modern production facilities.

We produce safe, qualified, long-lasting and environment-friendly artificial turf, and meet the needs of many sports facilities and landscaping areas in Turkey and abroad with our products that produced in our high technology machinery swiftly.

AvenGrass products enable athletes to perform at their highest performances in many sports facilities, especially in indoor and outdoor sports fields. To ensure continuity in product quality and to meet new industry standards, we are always improving ourselves and our machinery, keeping our passion for continuous improvement alive. AvenGrass products are used safely in indoor and outdoor football fields, basketball, golf and tennis fields, landscape fields, children playgrounds and offer a unique view to the audience in every area.

AvenGrass always considers the safety of the users in the production, design and application stages of the artificial turf products within its product range and enables them to perform at their best. We are at your side with our quality, long-lasting and guaranteed solutions to meet all your needs effectively and smoothly.

Our Product Technology

  • AvenGrass artificial turf products are manufactured from high-quality yarns.
  • It has maximum resistance to even strong UV rays.
  • The matte surface of our artificial turf carpets provides a more realistic grass visual.
  • Guaranteed in 5 to 7 years.
  • Thanks to our wide range of products, there is a suitable Avengrass product for every project and budget.