Multi Plus

Technical Informations

Synthetic Grass: 15-26mm LSR Fibril
Yarn: 5.000-8.800 DTEX – %100 PE Fibril
Yarn Weight: 520 – 720 gr

amateur use eco friendly all weather conditions high durability
low maintenance costs natural appearance professional use

Areas of Usage

  • Multi-purpose pitches
  • Basketball pitches
  • Tennis pitches
  • Pathways




Multi Plus is an AvenGrass synthetic turf product which displays maximum performance for multi playfields. It has the ideal properties for places where different sport branches are performed. It is ideal for pitches which have intense traffic with it’s extra powerful structure. Performs a superior endurance with a special polyethylene raw material and prevents any abrasion and deterioration in multi-playfields. It is both healthier and more enjoyable to do sports with Multi Plus which is especially preferred by schools and educational institutions.

  • It is extremely durable due to special polyethylene raw material that it contains.
  • Retains it’s color quality for many years thanks to it’s UV resistance.
  • Displays a performance close to natural grass with it’s aesthetic appearance.
  • Provides excellent properties throughout its lifetime.
  • Maximizes the performance and safety of the game with it’s flexible structure.
  • Can be used for a long time without problems in countries with hot and cold climate.
  • Suitable for multi-purpose outdoor and indoor use.
  • No deterioration is seen even after intensive use.
  • It has the best performance compared to natural grass.
  • Light green, dark green and mixed green color options are available.
  • Protects it’s performance for long years thanks to it’s special polyethylene yarns.
  • Has a warranty period of 3-5 years.
  • No rubber filler is required.