Tennis, an olympic sport, is one of the sports that require flexibility, strength, endurance, agility, and speed. Nowadays, tennis has become a sport for everyone and it is becoming more widespread and the number of tennis courts is increasing rapidly.

The key feature that many well-known and successful tennis players are looking for in the courts is the perfect ground on the court at which they are competing. Due to the sudden repetition of frequent turns during the game, the fact that the field allows for quick movements for tennis creates an effect that increases the performance of the players.

The tennis ball changes direction due to ground problems when it hits the ground or the player falls victim to the field when he or she tries to move with a sudden reflex are two of the most common undesirable situations.

AvenGrass offers the perfect field for tennis with its products named Court Classic and Court Extreme. We are at your service with our artificial grass products that are athletic and environment-friendly, offer the aesthetic appearance and high-level performance.

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