Golf Court Construction and Golf Court Grass

A golf game, in the simplest terms, is an outdoor sport played on the grass ground to drop small balls from the starting point to the target hole through sticks. Although the beginning of golf sport dates back to long ago, there are different opinions about when and where it started. According to one view, the game of chuiwan, played by hitting the ball with a stick and stick during the Ming Dynasty in China between 1368-1644, is considered to be the first beginning of golf. The game is thought to have spread to Europe in the Middle Ages by traders. Another view is that the game of golf was played during the reign of Caesar during the Romans. In this period, a golf-like game called paganica, which was played by hitting feather-filled balls with branches, was played. It is known that similar games were played in the Netherlands in the 15th century. The game, which spread to Scotland over time, has become the national game of the country. The first championship of small-scale golf was held in Scotland.

Nowadays Turkey has become a golf court with tournaments held at our internationally qualified golf courses. Especially Mediterranean region increases its golf tourism potential with its cultural, historical, and natural structure, as well as with its qualified golf courses and facilities. Golf courses in our country are generally established in areas close to the sea, shopping and entertainment centers where visitors can spend time alone with nature. Apart from having some standard features, unlike many sports branches, there is no similarity in the design of golf courses. Golf courses generally consist of 18 courses and are designed differently according to the geographical conditions in which they are established. In each track, it is specified how many strokes (par) the player should finish the game, and the players try to finish their game with the least number of strokes.

Diverse Golf Court Constructions by Avengrass

The starting point of the game on the golf course is called “Tee”. These regions are expressed in black, white, yellow, and red colors according to the distance to the finish distance. For professional men, the starting point is the tee area, marked in white, which represents the longest distance. Yellow amateur male, black professional female, and red amateur female players are the regions where they hit first. The area where the ball is inserted into the target hole is called the “Green”. The walking path between “Tee” and “Green” is called “Fairway”. The area outside of these areas, consisting of grass fields and dwarf plants that require less maintenance, is called “Rough”. In addition, sand traps called “Bunkers” and mini ponds are included in a golf game to make the game difficult and add excitement. The natural environment, slopes, and the structure of the trees also play a role in determining the difficulty level of the game.


Each golf course has a “Green Keeper” in charge of preparing the field for the game. Green Keeper has an assistant and technical staff working according to the size of the field. In Turkey, there are a total of 22 golf courses, 14 in Antalya, 3 in Bodrum, one under construction, 1 in Kuşadası, 1 in Samsun, 2 in Istanbul, and 1 in Ankara. The courses of Ankara Golf Club and Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Golf Club have 9 holes. We as Avengrass team completed most of these clubs’ construction phases and encourage the growth of golf as a sport in turkey as well as in many European countries.

Preparing The Ground For Satisfying Golf Time

Since golf courses are built in very large areas, they are sports areas that require intensive labor and knowledge to maintain. In the grass plant of these areas, the most suitable grass species, species, and varieties are selected considering the climatic conditions of the region. Tifway-419 and Tifdwarf-328 varieties of Bermuda Grass (Cynodon dactylon) are used especially in golf courses in Antalya, Bodrum, and Kuşadası regions where the Mediterranean climate is dominant. On the golf courses in Istanbul, Samsun, and Ankara, perennial grass (Lolium perenne), reed ball (Festuca arundinacea), meadow bluegrass (Poa pratensis), delicate peacock (Agrostis stolonifera), which are grass types that can be grown more easily in cool conditions and stay green all year round.


Maintenance operations (forming, spraying, irrigation, etc.) on golf courses start and finish very early in the morning (6.00-08.00) before the players arrive on the field. The green areas where the ball is put into the hole are cut from a height of 3-4 mm every day, the tee areas are cut from a height of 10-12 mm every other day, the fairway areas are cut from a height of 12-16 mm every 2 days and the rough areas are cut from a height of 35-50 mm every 4-7 days. Shape intervals and heights may vary according to the seasons. A staff working in the field can mow 4-6 greens per day. grass, which forms the main grass cover in the golf courses in Antalya, Kuşadası, and Bodrum, slows down its development with the colder weather in autumn and turns yellow in colder weather. In order to eliminate the yellowing appearance, the entire field is seeded from the top with cool climate grass species (Lolium perenne, Poa trivialis), usually between the end of September and the first weeks of October.

Considering the number of seeds used in the applications made in some golf courses below, it is seen that there is intense seed usage. Especially in the winter periods, the extreme cold of the weather in Europe plays an important role in the preference of golf players. In general, the most intense golf games are between September – December, and February – June. The quietest period is between July and August.

What Should You Consider When Choosing Golf Court Grass?

Golf is a game in which people play more calmly and with a certain goal in mind. Golf courses are established for this sport, which can be performed individually or collectively. The grass used on golf courses is extremely important. Natural or artificial grass applications are the choices that make room in this direction. You can include both options in the selection of golf court grass. In addition to calculating your cost, you can also own your golf course with the advantage selections offered.

The natural grass application used in golf course construction has been around since the birth of the sport. The natural grass application is actually chosen to achieve a more pleasant effect in the sports activity. But natural grass needs constant care. You can have a magnificent golf course by including choices such as spraying, irrigation, cutting, repairing damaged or damaged points, fertilizing. In addition, it will not be suitable for immediate use after bad weather conditions.

The natural grass used in the construction of the golf course is a preference that overlaps with reality. In this way, it is possible to eliminate the wrong choices made in artificial turf. With proper care of the natural lawn, it is the choice that will enable the golf sport to take place in the most ideal way. Especially in the golf course application made in large areas, this arrangement is included by making the most natural grass selections. You should definitely include a quality product when purchasing the natural grass in its entire area in a short time. Fungal harvests on the lawn have easy propagation. For this reason, this area, or even a large area, may need to be covered with natural grass again. It is important to include quality selection in purchases in order to eliminate this risk. At the same time, the cost needs to make the square meter calculation correctly in the purchase of natural grass.

Advantages of Golf Court Grass Used in Golf Court


Artificial grass application, which is included in the selection of golf course turf, is the most favorite choice of recent times. In addition to easy installation and assembly, it is important to make room for the choice that is suitable for golf in the purchase of artificial turf, which shows longer durability. You can prefer the artificial turf application, which will be specially chosen for golf sports, especially in the construction of mini-golf courses. In this choice, which is more cost-effective than natural grass, you also do not have to experience risks such as mud or crushing. In addition to these, you can definitely get a natural grass look by making room for a quality artificial turf purchase.

What Should Be Considered While Buying Artificial Golf Grass in Golf Court Construction?

The artificial turf you prefer in choosing turf in golf court construction offers great benefits in terms of both usage and cost. While making room for these choices, it is important that you make room for quality artificial grass. Thanks to the purchase of products that do not carry the risk of insect infestation, it will be possible for you to gain the advantages of artificial grass preference. Choosing a quality synthetic turf alone is not enough, it is important that you include the most suitable choice for golf in your purchasing process. In addition to this, the cost calculation needs to make the square meter calculation correctly in your purchases.

Many details become important in golf course cost calculation. At the beginning of these details is the area where the application will be made. The size of the square meter will also cause an increase in the cost of the application.

The mini-golf course is an ideal choice for those who regularly practice golf for hobby purposes. In the mini-golf course application to be realized, a certain square meter selection must be made. The square meter calculation of synthetic grass carpet, which will be preferred in the cost calculation of the golf course, is also added. If you want to make room for the natural grass preference, it is also important to add the maintenance costs aside. In addition to the flag poles and holes to be made in certain areas, you should also include the purchase of golf game equipment for the sports activity to take place on your field. For all these important details it is a really good idea to work with a very experienced company. As Avengrass team we are going to be very happy to provide what you need and delivery an ideal golf court at the end of project. Before we have completed a lot of golf courts in many different designs such as in Saudi Arabia, Italy, Spain, Portugal, France, the UK, Russia, Albania, Egypt and many more.